Friday, April 3, 2009

Meeting strangers

I'm not opposed to being set up with single men that my friends recommend. Once, my friend gave me a picture of a guy with his name and phone number on the back. I asked her who he was and she admitted that she didn't know. After my puzzled look, she explained that her dad always gets coffee at White Castle in the mornings. He saw this guy there and immediately thought of me. He just felt that this guy and I should meet. So he asked him if he were single and would he be willing to meet me. The guy gave him a picture (don't YOU carry a wallet size photo of yourself???) and wrote his information on the back.

I really appreciated the thought. I did and do. But, meeting complete strangers like that is...well...a little weird to me. Of course, I've met strangers before...people I've "met" online. But to me there is a difference. First, I had communicated with these people either through a forum or through email for some time. Second, I wasn't planning on dating them. Entering into a relationship with someone requires a little more scrutiny, in my opinion.

So, if you want to set me up with a single guy...bring it on. But please make sure you know him better than the guy in line at your local fast food place!

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Melinda said...

HAHAHAHA! I had an experience like that. A man at work brought me a phone number for a really nice guy. We had so much in common, he insisted. After some conversation, I discovered that my friend had gotten the phone number of the guy who helped him return a shirt at a department store. I didn't call him either.