Monday, April 6, 2009

General Conference

I decided that I wanted to go to General Conference this year. I chose April because I always enjoy April conference more. I think it's because we get the stats of the church in April.

So I left sunny, spring-like Indiana and arrived in Utah....and snow. I forget how snowy Utah can be in April. It wasn't real cold, I didn't wear a coat. I planned on going to the Saturday morning session. So, what happens? It turns very cold and snowy on Saturday morning. I decided to wear my coat for that experience.

I was able to meet a very nice couple while standing in line at Conference. They work for the church and have several Apostles and General Authorities in their ward. In fact, they told me they just got a new Gospel Doctrine teacher--Vaughn J. Featherstone--at least I think it was he. It was an emeritus GA in any case. I asked what the lessons and discussions were like. He said the last teacher was fluent in Hebrew and they had a lesson regarding the Hebrew translation of the scriptures.

Saturday's talk that made an impression on me was President Eyring's talk on debt and addictions. It was one to make me ponder the connect of these two devestating events. I want to think of my life and what I must do to avoid either.

I am constantly amazed at how the Spirit speaks to me during Conference. Sunday's talk that I especially loved was Elder Holland's talk (any surprise, there?). His testimony of Christ and His path of loneliness rendered me speechless. I felt the Spirit confirm to me the truth of his words.

This Conference has convinced me that I must go to the Temple more regularly. It is not something to do when I have time--because I will never have time. It is not something to do because my ward is attending. I must attend for my own salvation.

Join me, friends. If you have a recommend, make time to go to the temple. Work it out with family members to watch your kiddos. Or better yet, get with another couple and agree to watch each other's children to allow each couple to attend together. If you don't have a recommend, then live worthily to receive one. Make an appointment with your bishop now to begin that process.


~pollyanna said...

I will join you in your goal... I love you, dear friend... you always encourage me do better!

Bonnie said...

The debt and addiction talk was one of my favorites as well. (It was Elder Hales who gave it though :) ). I wish he'd given it a year or two ago while my son's marriage was still intact. Um, you do permit strangers posting replies, I hope.

Beefche said...

Oops! I paid attention at Conference, I promise! I just got my speakers mixed up. Thank you Bonnie for pointing out the correct speaker. You win the prize! Look for it in your mailbox--you might mistake it for a phone bill or something. :D

And yes, strangers can reply. But you're not any stranger than I am. Hee, hee!