Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Practical joke at work

After reading my blog, you realize I love playing practical jokes. A couple of months ago, I was in our home office for my company to train new employees.

I had 4 students. Of the 4, only 1 was truly new to the company. She recently graduated from college and is a sweet, cute girl. During our training, we happened to have a company wide employee meeting. A couple of days before, the other trainer and I were chatting with a couple of the trainees. Including new girl. Chuck begins to explain to New Girl that during employee meetings that new employees are required to stand and introduce themselves. Of course, New Girl looked to me to confirm or deny. I confirmed it adding that you had to state your name, where you're from and a short story about yourself.

Needless to say, New Girl was scared! She asked about the story portion and I just said that it was just a little something--embarrassing moment, favorite memory, just something to remember you.

The next day while on break, I overheard her speaking to one of the other trainees--an employee who was transferring from another department. New Girl said that she asked another employee about it and that the other employee said that Chuck and I were pulling her leg. New Girl then exclaimed, "I know Chuck would do that, but no way would Beefche! She would NEVER do something like that!"

I could no longer remain a passive listener. I laughed so hard and New Girl had a look of pure astonishment. She almost didn't believe me when I said I was completely joking with her. She said she was convinced I wouldn't do something that mean.

Ahh, she now knows me better.

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Dirk said...

Aww, Ya ruined a perfectly good practical Joke.